2024 Design Landscape: 7 Trending Furniture Styles To Look Out For

Industrial Chic Invasion furniture aesthetics


  • 2024 design welcomes organic shapes, biophilic textures, and greenery, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.
  • Expect pops of color and unexpected materials to add personality to clean lines and functional furniture.
  • Eco-conscious choices like recycled materials and multifunctional pieces dominate the design landscape.

Bid farewell to the clean, pristine, and oh-so-boring trends of beige and white scapes of minimalism! Knossos Furniture Design encourages you to welcome embellishments, textures, and other trending custom furniture and interior design choices. As creators and manufacturers of contemporary custom furnishings and millwork for businesses and homes, we examined some fascinating decorative trends influencing next year’s furniture styles. 

Join us as we explore these popular bespoke furniture trends below. Perhaps you’ll discover a new decorative obsession for your home or office. 

#1 Warm Tones To Embrace the Earth

furniture with warm tone aesthetics

The return to nature continues as post-pandemic trends further embrace forest and grassy greens, clay reds, and robust browns. These deep, warm tones resemble elements you might find on a hike. Some designers even lean into more sustainable fabrics and materials to embrace the world beyond the room. 

Want to incorporate these colors into your favorite space? Try white or light-colored walls with accent chairs, recliners, or sofas upholstered in solid fabrics featuring these shades. This look creates an understated visual balance that blends seamlessly. 

#2 Elevated Textures

custom side stool with elevated textures


Many of the latest handcrafted décor products have textured details that breathe new life into any room. These features allow you to play with different colors and patterns, adding depth to the space. Some creative examples of this trend include:

  • Basket-woven seating
  • Mosaic coffee tables made from pieces of colorful glass
  • Wooden bedside tables with hand-carved details
  • Chests of drawers with plain, traditional frames and detailed drawers

Consider carpenters and designers who blaze the trains of in-demand custom woodwork and experimental woven fabrics to craft a personalized look.

#3 Bold Statement Furniture

Bold Statement Furniture

If you want your personal spaces to truly stand out, explore trendsetting artisan furniture for an impactful addition to any room. Pieces of statement furniture send a message that says, “All eyes on me!” You should gravitate toward these items as they put on a still-life show where other elements fade harmoniously into the background. 

You can integrate this style by:

  • Highlighting plain areas with embellished sets of drawers or trinket displays
  • Elevating empty spaces with sculptural tables
  • Adding jewel-toned seating to a muted common area

The possibilities seem endless with this trending custom furniture idea. 

#4 Industrial Chic Invasion

Industrial Chic Invasion furniture aesthetics

Industrial chic design involves open floor plans, functional layouts, and quirky urban décor. Does an open space leave you scratching your head about how to fill it? Start with modern, tailored home furnishings to make the area practical. 

The point of industrial chic aims is to craft an environment that works for you. How do you want this space to perform? Once you decide, bring that function to the forefront of every design choice, from furniture to paint colors. 

The area should offer a low-maintenance place to indulge in hobbies, conversations, and other activities. Every design aspect should focus on its industrial purpose within your business or home. 

#5 Classic Glamorous Maximalism 

overstuffed sofa seating near a sunlit window

If you crave an area that sparkles and shines, you’ll adore the comeback of charismatic maximalism. This trend combines vintage Hollywood’s charm with modern decorative excess. Choose furniture and accents that bring pleasure to all senses:

  • Fabrics like satin, silk, velvet, and fine linens
  • Rugs with ornate patterns or faux-fur materials
  • Sculpted, overstuffed seating
  • Sparkling chandeliers and ornate light fixtures

This trend harkens to the arrival of the modern roaring ‘20s. 

#6 Lively Plant-Print Upholstery

Lively Plant-Print Upholstery

Upholstered seating will increasingly feature leaves, branches, flowers, and other plant-inspired prints. Some fabrics will feature more classic motifs, like muted floral prints on a dark background. Others will boast vibrant, tropical leaves, abstract botanical designs, and combinations between plants and timeless patterns. 

You might find yourself sleeping on a bed of roses with vintage-inspired, rose-printed sheets to accompany your cozy, succulent-patterned accent chair. Find your perfect plant-themed vibe to keep each room in vogue with this trend! 

#7 Custom Storage Solutions

Custom Storage

Finally, more people crave fashionable functions. How does a room serve you without a bunch of furniture taking up all the space? Everyone must store their clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items. 

However, most storage solutions look plain, impersonal, and unappealing. Plus, your closet or office may not accommodate a file cabinet or set of drawers the way you’d like. Custom storage solutions, such as cabinetry and shelving, can perfectly combine aesthetics with function. 

A creative furniture and cabinet designer could help you find the best custom solution for any space.

Knossos Furniture Design Crafts Timeless and Trending Custom Furniture for All Decorative Preferences

Ready to integrate these trending custom furniture ideas into your personal or workspace? Knossos Furniture Design can help! We specialize in custom furniture and storage solutions to enhance the design and function of almost any indoor area. Call 718-729-0404 to re-visualize each room with our talented team.

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