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Commercial Services

Gone are the days of bland cabinetry, frameworks, and molding trims. You’ve probably seen customized commercial millwork in hotels, homes, and other public places. If those designs sparked your interest, you might be ready to give your home or workplace a new look.

Fortunately, you can provide your solid surfaces and furniture with a new look today. Knossos Furniture Design is a commercial millwork company handling your custom millwork needs. We offer our services throughout New York and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Knossos Furniture Design?

  • Leaders in the Millwork Industry

    The customization sector is rising, and everyone wants to live in a personalized space. You can rest assured we have the facilities to do that for you no matter the size of your space or the nature of your work.

  • Experience

    With 40 years of experience in the woodworking business, we have the well-versed professionals and know-how to exceed your expectations. Our team features energetic and up-to-date experts ready to take on any custom millwork project.

  • Quality Materials

    We provide only the highest quality craftsmanship to ensure remarkable uniqueness according to your taste. We process all our materials in our workshop in Woodside, Queens.

  • Interior Design

    Our design processes focus on interior design customization. You can be confident that our team of experts will give your interior space that coveted look you desire.

  • All-in-one Solutions

    Our infrastructure helps us become a one-stop shop for all our customers’ needs. Once you come to us with an idea, we work together to ensure your dream gets realized.

  • Beyond Wood

    We are not limited to using wood finishes for your project. We also take on glass, stone, and metal to ensure a look that satisfies your tastes.

our services


It’s time your workplace dropped its dated appearance. Our commercial millwork contractors are available to provide architectural millwork that upgrades your cabinetry, railings, stairs, solid surface seaming, and installation. Here’s a list of the kinds of properties we serve:

  • Retail stores and storefronts
  • Corporate offices
  • Arenas & stadiums
  • Courthouses
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Music halls
  • Museums
  • Churches
  • Locker rooms
  • Conference tables
  • Amenity spaces (lobby, mailroom, library, gym, conference room, etc.)
  • Banquette seating


When operating a New York hospitality amenity, you want a welcoming touch that makes customers feel comfortable. We work alongside your contractors to give you customized wall paneling for your nightclub, conference center, hotel, or restaurant.

Custom In-House Metal Fabrication

Your customized design wouldn’t be complete without a metallic touch. In that case, you want a commercial millwork company that can deliver the perfect design piece.
We pride ourselves on extending our customized millwork to metallic fabrication. Whether you need metallic trims or custom-made fabrications, we have the right technology to create the perfect pieces.

Custom Mirror and Glass Design and Installation

You can never go wrong with a mirror and a glass design. Mirrors are ideal for illuminating light and adding an aesthetic touch. Whether you are looking for antique, framed, or beveled mirrors, you can rest assured we design and install them.
A glass design, such as a customized glass shower enclosure, brings a classy touch to your space. Our team is well versed in glass and mirror work, and our pure quality craftsmanship will make you smile.

Unique Finishes

As your furniture and surfaces age, they are likely to lose the luster they had when new. Instead of flipping or donating them, you may have to think of applying varnish.
Custom finishes come in various choices, and they may be overwhelming to narrow down. As your go-to furnishing experts, we can find you the perfect coat for your faded surfaces and furniture.

In-House Design

When contracting commercial millwork services, you want to engage with a crew that gives attention to detail and has the necessary infrastructure to design your custom finishes.
At Knossos Furniture Design, we have invested in state-of-the-art fabrication and millwork facilities. Our machinery, alongside able experts, assures a quality in-house design process for all your needs.
Knossos Furniture Design is a New York commercial millwork company ready to take on your projects. Contact us at (718) 729-0404 and talk to an expert today.


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