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Are you looking for the perfect mirror glass design for your space? Furniture Design Knossos specializes in custom mirror fabrication and installation for various rooms in your home or office. Whether you are into wall decor mirrors, framed mirrors, or floor mirrors, we’ll provide you with high-quality and durable glass that will beautify your interior for years to come.
As glass and mirror installation experts, we use top-of-the-line equipment to shape the mirror carefully according to your needs and specifications. We can install all types quickly and efficiently, from custom mirrors for your foyer to mirrors for bathroom vanities, living rooms, and dining areas.


How is custom glass made?

Custom glass is made by cutting the glass to the required size and shape, smoothing and polishing the edges, and adding additional features such as etching or tinting. The final product is inspected to ensure quality and meet customer specifications.

Custom glass offers a range of benefits, including enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space, increasing natural light and energy efficiency, improving safety and security, reducing noise pollution, and allowing for greater customization and design flexibility. Additionally, custom glass can increase the value of your property and provide long-term cost savings.

The complexity of the design, the kind of glass being used, and the project’s scope are a few variables that can affect how long it takes to create a custom glass. Initial consultation, design, measurements, glass cutting, smoothing, polishing, and other features like etching or tinting are typically included in the process.

The cost of a custom glass product will vary depending on several factors, such as the type of glass, the size and complexity of the project, and any additional features such as tinting, etching, or beveling. Custom glass products are typically more expensive as they need more time, labor, and skill than standard, prefabricated glass products. However, a custom glass product’s distinctive and individualized elements may compensate for some of the product’s expense and add value to the room’s overall design.

Custom glass products can be designed in a wide range of styles and patterns, allowing for a unique and personalized look that can enhance the aesthetics of any space. Some of the most popular custom glass designs include:
Etched glass, Stained glass, Beveled glass, Printed glass, and Custom mirrors.
Overall, custom glass designs offer endless possibilities for adding a unique and personalized touch to any space

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