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Knossos Furniture Design is a leading company for custom architectural millwork in New York, surpassing our customers’ architectural style and woodwork needs. We deliver nothing short of high-quality, including modern architectural millwork design for the industrial, commercial, manufacturing, or residential markets. Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced architects and designers who keep up with the latest trends for home designs and woodwork ideas to offer exceptional solutions.

Why Choose Knossos Furniture Design?

A thorough search for custom hospitality millwork companies in NYC will yield different results. So, it might be overwhelming to choose one for your millwork drafting.
By choosing Knossos Furniture Design, you get excellent services backed by our 40 years of experience. Our processing and showroom facility in Woodside, Queens, boasts 16,000 square feet of possibilities.
We also use glass, stone, and stone in our commercial millwork for hospitality designs. Our goal is to ensure your custom project showcases your personality and adds quality finishes.

Hospitality Millwork and Casework Services Offered

Custom Cabinetry

Savvy vacationers want more than a place to rest their heads. Many opt for appealing hotel rooms, and your premise must offer this luxury. A better way to capture customers’ attention is to go for custom millwork, paying attention to details. Our team will customize your cabinetry to your heart’s content for an appealing and luxurious look.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom spaces get neglected in many hospitality facilities. But did you know you can add a more sophisticated look with customized vanities?
By adding customized bathroom interiors to your hotel facilities, you can be sure your guests will notice your effort to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. This translates into more repeat customers who appreciate and value the attention to detail shown.

Customized Check-in Desks

How does your reception desk look? Your reception is what your customers see first upon walking up to your receptionists, and it needs to look captivating.
Your reception area can influence how your clients perceive your establishment, especially if you offer accommodation. For this reason, let your reception desk make a statement with a custom piece.

Uplifted Lobby Areas

Hotel lobbies have evolved from regular check-ins and places to get on and off elevators. Leading restaurants have converted these areas into sitting, relaxing, and dining areas. Most get customized millwork and casework to showcase a specific hotel theme to make the clients a part of the surroundings. We can turn any theme you have into reality with our millwork interior designs.

Enhanced Kitchen Areas

Your restaurant’s kitchen is the place wonders happen, where your chefs are busy preparing meals and new cuisines. Who wants their food coming out of a messy kitchen? If your kitchen looks old and lacks the proper facilities to guarantee excellent customer meals, you risk losing them or closure.
At Knossos Furniture Design, we can transform your kitchen into a 5-star space with custom millwork and casework for hospitality amenities. Our experts are ready to deliver whether you need an open, U-shaped, or L-shaped layout.

Customized Ceilings

As you look to put your hotel theme to work, you must not overlook the ceiling. A customized ceiling with captivating lighting fixtures will entertain your guests. What could be better than a lobby ceiling that turns events into unforgettable memories?
Various ceiling options are available for your selection, from simple to more detailed ceiling looks. Whichever you choose for your interior design, you can rest assured our millwork professionals will deliver.

Enhanced Hallways

How do your hallways look? If they have a dull-looking appeal, you may be falling behind your competition. Instead, get your hallways looking glamorous by adding a customized wall paneling look, art pieces, trims, and even mirrors.
As you enhance your hallways, ensure your lobby and room walls also get a touch of glamor. This will show you pay attention to detail while making your hotel stand out.

At Knossos Furniture Design, we deliver unique custom millwork and casework for hospitality to New York and its surrounding areas. Contact us today at (718) 729-0404 to book an appointment.

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