Designing Functional and Stylish Breakrooms With Custom Furniture for Commercial Spaces

Custom Furniture in breakrooms for Commercial Spaces


  • Tailored millwork optimizes workflow, creates ergonomic solutions, and improves staff comfort in healthcare facilities. 
  • Tailored medical-grade millwork ensures easy cleaning, reduces infection risk, and delivers lasting performance.
  • Personalized designs create a welcoming, patient-centered environment that reflects the healthcare facility’s unique brand.

When many people think of a typical company breakroom, they often picture a generic area with a basic table and chairs. The walls may have little to no decor, and the countertop often has one outdated coffee machine on it. 

Imagine how different this space can be with custom furniture and an employee-focused design. Making a few small changes to your office breakroom has plenty of benefits. Keep reading to discover why this investment is worthwhile for any commercial space. 

The Role of Custom Furniture in Breakroom Design

Every company’s breakroom is different, but the best ones cater to that business’s image and workforce. Filling the space with custom furniture is the #1 way to perfect the design and make the room desirable for all workers. Furniture completes any space regardless of the design you’re going for. 

Investing in custom furniture can make the difference between a generic, boring breakroom and one that employees can’t get enough of. Once you determine your design, your furniture selection should complement the aesthetic. 

Tailoring Comfort: How Custom Furniture Enhances Breakroom Functionality

Filling a space with flimsy plastic chairs or tables that don’t promote socializing won’t make for an effective breakroom. The goal should be to foster community while providing a quiet space where you can recharge. You can include a variety of pieces that check off both boxes. 

For example, say you want the breakroom to be where workers can join together and discuss new ideas. Custom pieces supporting this include long tables with comfortable seating or bar-height tables and stools. 

Supplying the space with furniture that fosters a more laid-back, relaxed environment invites employees to come and rest for a few minutes. Lounge areas with sofas or plush chairs and ottomans tell employees they can take a much-needed break here. Some commercial spaces have a designated break area outside, which will also benefit from custom-made outdoor furniture. 

Aesthetic Appeal: Elevating Breakroom Ambiance With Unique Furniture Pieces

Custom furniture design can take any boring breakroom to the next level. Employees will want to spend time there when the space consists of elegant decor and stand-out pieces. Your breakroom will go from outdated to modern when incorporating the following pieces.

Cozy Chairs and Couches

Large offices usually have spacious breakrooms. The facility can accommodate many different needs in this area, including a quiet corner to sit and relax. Adorning the space with plush custom furniture like chairs and sofas lets workers relax before returning to their jobs. 

Coffee Tables

Whether employees want to take their laptops to a different environment or refuel with some coffee, the breakroom should have coffee tables. A durable piece with a beautiful laminate finish can quickly transform the breakroom into a haven. Cozy seating around the coffee tables will make your breakroom resemble a stylish coffeehouse. 

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Sustainability Matters: Choosing Eco-Friendly Materials for Custom Furniture

Most employees who resort to their breakroom only focus on grabbing a cup of coffee, catching up with coworkers, or enjoying some quiet time. While their first thought might not focus on the sustainability of the room, it does matter in the long run. Choosing eco-friendly furniture and accessories in a breakroom is a great way for modern companies to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Being an environmentally conscious company doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your business operations. Taking small steps like selecting furniture with sustainably sourced materials is a fantastic way to start. 

Employee Engagement: How Personalized Breakrooms Boost Workplace Satisfaction

Imagine heading to the breakroom for a quick afternoon snack and chat with your colleagues. Walking into a space that doesn’t promote comfort and relaxation can hinder employee satisfaction and productivity. The ideal breakroom will include padded chairs or cozy sofas. 

These furniture pieces allow workers, such as healthcare workers, to step away from their duties that keep them on their feet. They also give reprieve to office employees who want a break from their uncomfortable desk chair. Giving workers a chance to recharge and relax ultimately boosts their productivity.

Including games, a television, and activities and personalizing them to the workplace can also enhance employee morale. Investing in a well-designed breakroom can help any business or workplace be at its best. 

Ready To Transform Your Breakroom With Functional and Stylish Custom Furniture?

Your office environment should include a spacious breakroom that fits a modern style. Knossos Furniture Design is happy to help bring that vision to life with custom-made furniture and custom millwork NYC employers will love. Discover how our team can transform your space into the perfect spot for socializing and relaxing. 

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