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Custom home furniture may sound like a luxury to new homeowners, but it is one of the most affordable ways to beautify a home and refresh its indoor appeal for guests and family. Instead of purchasing mass-produced furniture in big box stores, hundreds of homeowners from New York buy furniture made from scratch every year to express their vision of their dream homes through personalized couches, credenzas, and cabinetry.
Custom design home furniture from our designers at Knossos Furniture Design is well-known for standing the test of time and fitting the needs and budget of every client. We can give every room in your home a unique style by giving you a broad range of color options, finishes, and construction materials.
You won’t have to settle for plain white generic desks, tables, and chairs when you work with us.

Why Work with Knossos Furniture Design to Create Custom Home Furniture?

We are an Independent Business with Glowing Reviews from Clients

As a midsized local business, we rely on word of mouth and customer testimonials more than any other form of advertising. We use our industry experience and design expertise to make beautiful and durable products that our customers will love, unlike big box furniture retailers that make billions from brand recognition alone. We have a growing list of satisfied clients in New York, and we pay it forward by creating custom-designed home furniture that stands the test of time.

We Have Decades of Custom Design Home Furniture Experience

Furniture making is a skill that is becoming rarer as time goes by, and designing new pieces is as much an art as it is a science. We create custom home furniture that is functional, well-made, and beautiful, unlike the generic mass-produced pieces you can find on the television or online.
We utilize our decades of combined handcrafting experience to custom design home furniture like enduring tables, cabinetry, and chairs for every client.

We Use High-Quality Materials Exclusively

Making furniture from scratch can be a fun DIY project, but it can get expensive if you want high-quality materials. We only use high-quality materials to create custom home furniture that will age gracefully as the decades roll by. We leverage our connections with numerous manufacturers of wood, textiles, glass, steel, and alloys to keep costs down for our clients.

We Have an Experienced In-House Design Team

Our in-house design and customization team can help you shape your new bed, decide on the size of your new coffee table and kitchen island, or the materials to use on your new bathroom counters. Having the right furniture can create a unique mood for any living space, and we can create personalized pieces that impact your emotions, thinking, and stress levels in a positive way.

Our Furniture Making Services

Kitchen Furniture

We can create all kinds of custom kitchen furniture:

  • Dining chairs
  • Barstools
  • Countertops
  • Kitchen carts
  • Baker racks
  • Pot racks
  • Buffet tables
  • And many more
BATHROOM Furniture

Creating custom bathroom furniture is a great way to add style and turn what is usually a dull area into a relaxing space. Custom countertops, cabinetry, and towel racks are excellent ways to add functionality and space-saving features to your bathroom.

Living Room Furniture

According to consumer research, most American adults spend more than 30% of their indoor time in their living rooms. A living room serves as a welcoming area for your guests, and you can use it to play games, host parties, and watch films with family and friends.
Our custom furniture adds a personality to your living room that standard pieces can never emulate. Our products can match the existing design elements in your living room, breathing new life into your entertainment space.

BEDROOM Furniture

People spend half their lives asleep, and beds are the most sizable single furniture piece in many households. Buying a custom nightstand, bed frame, and mattress can be a significant financial investment. However, our customers continue to say they’re worth it.

Work with an In-House Design and Construction Team

Work with trusted designers and contractors when buying custom home furniture for your bedroom or any other part of your residence. Contact Knossos Furniture Design today and get a free consultation with our licensed designers and project planners. You can call us at (718) 729-0404 to reach our five-star customer service team.


What is the process for designing and building a piece of custom furniture?

The process involves consultation, design, material selection, construction, finishing, delivery, and installation. The customer discusses their vision for the piece with the furniture maker, who creates a design based on their preferences. The furniture maker then selects materials and constructs the piece, finishing it to the customer’s specifications and delivering and installing it in their home or business. The timeline for the process can vary depending on the complexity of the design and materials used.

The cost of custom furniture varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, materials used, and the amount of labor involved. A consultation with a furniture maker can provide an estimate of the cost. It is important to remember that custom furniture is typically more expensive than mass-produced pieces due to the higher quality of materials and craftsmanship. However, the result is a unique, personalized piece that perfectly fits the customer’s style and needs.

A wide variety of furniture can be custom-made, including but not limited to chairs, tables, cabinets, bookshelves, desks, beds, sofas, and wardrobes. Any furniture designed and built can be made as a custom piece. This allows customers to create unique, personalized furniture that perfectly fits their space, style, and needs.

There are several benefits of having custom furniture made, including:

Personalization: Custom furniture is made to the customer’s specifications, allowing for a unique and personalized piece that perfectly fits their style and needs.

Quality: Custom furniture is often higher than mass-produced furniture due to high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

Durability: Custom furniture with strong and sturdy construction and durable materials is built to last.

Functionality: Custom furniture can be designed with specific functions in mind, such as built-in storage or specialized features.

Long-term value: Although custom furniture may be more expensive than mass-produced pieces, it often holds its value over time due to its uniqueness and quality.

To determine if a custom furniture maker is reputable, consider the following factors:

  • Experience: Look for a furniture maker with years of experience and a portfolio of completed projects demonstrating their skills and expertise.
  • References: Ask for references from past clients and follow up with them to hear about their experience working with the furniture maker.
  • Reviews: Check online reviews from past customers to see their level of satisfaction with the furniture maker’s work and customer service.
  • Communication: Assess the furniture maker’s communication skills during your initial consultation, including their ability to listen to your needs, provide feedback, and answer your questions.
  • Quality of materials: Ask about the furniture maker’s materials and inspect samples of their work to ensure they use high-quality materials that will withstand daily use.
  • Contract and guarantees: Ensure the furniture maker provides a written agreement outlining the project details, timeline, and guarantees or warranties for their work.
  • Considering these factors, you can ensure that the custom furniture maker you choose is reputable and can deliver the high-quality furniture you desire.

When commissioning a piece of custom furniture, consider a few things to ensure that you have a piece that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations:

    1. Think about your budget and the materials you want to use.
    2. Consider the size and shape of the piece, as well as its intended function and placement.
    3. Consider the design style and any details you want to incorporate, such as hardware or finishes.
    4. Choose a reputable custom furniture maker with experience and a portfolio of work that aligns with your vision.

Considering these factors, you can ensure your custom furniture is tailored to your needs and preferences.