What To Consider While Buying Unfinished Wood Furniture

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  • Unfinished wood furniture is ideal for anyone looking to customize a unique touch to their home.
  • Researching the type of furniture needed and comparing prices are important steps in choosing a piece.
  • Sand, seal, sand again, then paint or stain to properly care for unfinished wood furniture.
  • The experts at Knossos Furniture Design can assist with choosing the right piece of unfinished wood furniture.

Have you ever considered purchasing a piece of unfinished wooden furniture? Some people may wonder why anyone would do such a thing, but others—especially those with a desire to customize or personalize their furniture—may find buying unfinished furniture to be a perfect option. Having a signature piece of unfinished wood furniture will give your home a touch of style and add uniqueness to your overall aesthetic.

Is unfinished wood furniture the right choice for you? Read on as our team at Knossos Furniture, a custom furniture studio based in Queens, NY, explores what unfinished wood furniture is, how to know if it’s right for you, and how to care for it once you have it.

What Is Unfinished Furniture?

Unfinished furniture simply means that the piece has been built but lacks the final stage of the process—the finish. Think of a piece of furniture created with wood but not painted or stained.

Who Should Buy Unfinished Wood Furniture in New York?

Few people in need of new furniture understand the value of selecting an unfinished piece instead of mass-manufactured furniture. So who might buy unfinished wood furniture?

  • People who have time to spend on a project – If you have spare time or love DIY projects that let you get your hands dirty, then unfinished wood furniture is perfect for you. Once you learn the basics of finishing the wood, you’ll be quite proud of your result.
  • People who want to save money – Unfinished furniture is great for anyone on a budget. Beautifully crafted furniture made of real wood can be expensive, but unfinished wholesale furniture can be more affordable. You’ll also know how to fix nicks and stains on the surface of the wood as you learn how to properly finish it. This will also save you money on repairs.
  • People who want a unique piece of furniture – One of the greatest advantages of having unfinished furniture is that you can make the piece as unique as you are. Choose the perfect color to go with your home’s aesthetic or make minor modifications to the wood to customize the piece. Change the height of a chair or add a design to your dresser drawer. The possibilities are endless.

How To Choose the Right Piece

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of furniture you want. Are you looking for a chair—and, if so, what kind? Do you need a wooden table instead? Maybe you need a dresser or a toy chest. It’s important to know exactly what your vision is before you start looking at a wood furniture store.

  • Do the research. Once you’ve narrowed down the type of furniture, you’ll want to do your research on specific features you may want to include. If you desire a dining room table, determine how tall you want it and how many people it needs to seat. If you have an end table, you should consider whether you want drawers or a storage compartment underneath.
  • Compare prices. While unfinished wood will be cheaper than finished wood, you don’t want to settle for the cheapest piece of furniture you can find. Look around, compare prices to find the best choice to fit your budget, and make sure the piece is of good value.
  • Pay close attention to the piece’s craftsmanship – Once you are set on the piece and the price, look closely at the craftsmanship. You’ll want to make sure all joints are well-fastened and not just stapled together. Unfinished furniture manufacturers might try to sell you low-quality pieces, so beware. Well-crafted wood will be smooth, sanded, and ready to be finished. Cheaper wood may be full of knots and have rough surfaces.

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Unfinished vs. Prefinished Hardwood

You’ll find many advantages to choosing unfinished wood over prefinished hardwood, but it depends upon your personal preferences. Prefinished hardwood might better suit your needs if you don’t have the time to dedicate to finishing your furniture piece or you don’t enjoy painting or staining wood.

How To Paint Unfinished Wood Furniture

The first step to painting unfinished wood is to thoroughly sand the wood to make sure every part is completely smooth.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you seal the wood. You can use a thinned white shellac or sanding sealer, but make sure you seal every inch of the wood so it won’t absorb moisture.

After the sealer, sand the wood again before painting or staining it. Stains and oils come in a variety of colors, so choose the one that’s most pleasing to your eye.

Keep Us in Mind When Caring for Your New Furniture

Are you still not sure if unfinished wood furniture is right for you? Our experts at Knossos Furniture Design can help. Give us a call today at 718-729-0404 in Queens, NY, and let us help you make the right choice when it comes to customized furniture.

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